7 Ideas to Generate Leads for Brokers

Some mortgage broker sites are direct generation machines and some are Bermuda Triangles where qualified prospects move in and nothing comes out.

If you are a mortgage broker and you want to ensure your mortgage broker website ends up in the first category, you need to think about the seven traits of sites that generate leads.

Some of those characteristics are quick and easy to replicate and others are going to take some time and talent. What they all have in common is that they’ll make a large influence on your online lead generation — and therefore your bottom-line.


In case you have not heard, mortgage brokers need to start believing in mobile-first so as to construct and maintain a successful site. Smartphone and tablet users have less and less patience for non-mobile-optimized websites, purpose built mobile websites and multi screen web design are more important than ever. Do not lose all those potential clients!

Here is how you can convert more cellular visitors into qualified leads:

  • Make certain navigation and link buttons are large enough to click easily, but small enough to fit mobile device displays
  • Use brief, clear, and targeted CTAs with action words
  • Use pictures, but ensure that they don’t overshadow CTA buttons on smaller displays
  • Format the content on every page so that it’s easy to scan and read on a multi screen web design. Think shorter phrases, and much more subheadings and bullet points


In-Depth Content

Filling your website with great in-depth content will have a huge impact on your online lead generation.

First, it is going to allow you to get more traffic. Content quality is your number one factor in Google’s ranking algorithm nowadays. If your website has it, you are likely to get excellent search engine visibility for your main keywords which will help you target clients, such as those selling private and commercial real estate.

Deep content also helps you do a better job of converting traffic into qualified leads.

  • If you answer all of your visitor’s questions on your content, they do not have to keep their online research on competitors’ mortgage broker websites.
  • The deeper you enter your articles, the more you can show off the unique selling points you provide that your competitors don’t.
  • Earning trust is crucial, and in-depth content shows off your experience in a manner that resonates with potential borrowers.


Customer Reviews

Speaking of hope, nothing earns it quite like testimonials.

Do not assume that people interested in your mortgage company will find reviews by themselves. In case you have good customer comments on platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook, you need to think about republishing them on your site.

If you have additional reviews that have not been published elsewhere, then put them on the testimonials page on your website. If you do not have lots of testimonials yet, begin making attempts to earn more. Seriously, reviews matter a great deal to your prospective leads.

Useful Tools

Mortgage broker sites need to be “sticky” if they are going to generate leads. Why is it that prospective customers stick to your website like glue? Useful tools

Your prospects will probably like to do some DIY calculations before they contact any lenders to buy a commercial property. Give them simple access to resources that make that possible and you will up the odds of these calling you when they’re ready to take that next step.

Here are some possible tools to provide on your mortgage agent website:

  • Interest rate feeds
  • Mortgage payment calculator
  • Refinance savings calculator


Gated Content

If you can create a miniature eBook or PDF manual on a subject relevant to your potential clients, you need to turn it into gated content.

“Gated articles’ is simply content that may only accessed by registered or paying customers. In your case, you will likely want to supply your valuable resource in exchange for basic contact information from the prospect. They get useful content that answers their questions; you get their email address so that you can market to them via their inbox. It is a win-win and an efficient way to enhance your lead generation.

Forms, Forms, Forms

If you want to capture information about your potential customers, or if you want them to get in contact with you when they’re ready to take the first step toward a home mortgage, you’re likely to need forms on your site. Not everyone wants the very first contact to be a telephone call. Unfortunately, many mortgage broker sites decide to just put a contact form on a single page: the contact page.

Do not make the same mistake. You should have a form on every single page on your website. It should not overshadow everything else on the page, but it should be prominent and the entry button must include a concise call to action that focuses on a specific advantage that you think would entice prospects to work with you.


Plenty of people say that they find pop-ups annoying, but the fact is that they work. They work really well.

If you are doing a great job of getting traffic to your website, but you’re losing them before they take any type of action (filling out a contact form, providing an email address in exchange for gated content, calling you, signing Up to get your e-newsletter, etc.), including pop-ups is among the easiest and most efficient strategies to boost conversions.