Business Practices That Increase Employee Engagement

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It is essential to improve employee happiness and engagement levels in any workplace. It doesn’t matter if you work at Microsoft or a waterfront accommodation hotel in Hobart. If your employees are engaged, then they will be more productive and work more efficiently than those who are unhappy working within their role. The only difference might be that people in hospitality jobs in Tasmania drink a bit more wine (jokes!).

There are so many benefits that come with employees that are engaged and happy and they are quite obvious once they are seen working in action.

You can create a plan in order to increase employee engagement, but it often isn’t easy, and it can be hard to know where to start. You may start to feel a bit low about the poor engagement between employees, but with so many ways to change that it won’t take long to see them happier and more engaged.

Here are a few practices to try and soon you will be getting the results you are needing:

Building trust and being open

Humans love building relationships and connections. People have more trust and want to build a relationship with their boss if the employer knows them on a personal level. One of the biggest sources of employee engagement is simply showing the good side of yourself. Be equal from the start and always respect their wishes and keep the information confidential. When you are open with your employees, they will be open with you. It is also important to know what to share and what not to.

Starting with management and executives

It is essential to remember that when you are trying to improve the engagement with the employees, starting with the higher-ups like management is where the model for change is going to start. Becoming a consistent powerful force of positivity is a good way to build engagement.

Be fluent on responsibilities and goals

If your employees are not sure what to do, then the engagement will suffer even more. When staff are on top of things then they are engaged. When we are seeing the doubt in employees about their responsibilities and their goals next to nothing is going to get done. 

Offer help to those not performing well

Not every single one of your employees will perform at 100% every single day. Some employees may need a hand every so often if they are stumped on a project or they are new to the business. You need to give these employees more attention which may not fix the problem, but it tends to show you care. Being a manager, you find that time is hard to come by, but don’t make this an excuse to neglect those working for you.

Encourage the power employees

Ensure that you are looking for the employees that are getting to the top and making big achievements. These are the ones we call power-employees and they are the ones that make a big difference for the company. When you have spotted these employees offer rewards and promote them which will, in turn, make your job easier.

A forward-thinking environment

An employee is not going to want to work within a business that is living in the past and is not creating any growth. A work environment is important, and you need to ensure that it embodies the philosophy of each organisation. Create your forward-thinking work environment and improve the office layout and its appearance. It is not hard to make the work environment a lot more comfortable than it is. Outdated furniture should be replaced with modern and more efficient. 

The best way to do this is to ask the employees what they want around them. For example, whether they would like more colour, less colour, modern furniture and so on.

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