How To Market Your Business

You have started a company and you’ve got your new, professionally designed, custom logo. Now you will need some marketing materials so that you can get out there and promote your organization, your products, and your services.

However, what do you want exactly? A brochure, stationery, folder, flyer printing, website, blog? With all the different options you need to choose from, how can you know what to do and how can you know that is the best option for your company? And more important, which bits can get you the biggest return on your investment and bring you the most value? There are many places that specialise in booklet printing, however how do you know this is your best option?

There are some primary marketing pieces that every businessman, entrepreneur and small business owners needs:

– A business card
– A site
– A marketing piece

Your Business Card
Your business card is typically the first thing a new prospect will see. Their first impression of your company is often based on your business card. It is an integral way to get in touch with others and give them your contact info. Your business card should clearly convey a few things; not just who you are and what you do, but it should catch their attention and make them want to find out more. Your business card should include the following:

  • Your logo
  • Your brand colour palette and typefaces
  • Your contact information, including a mailing address. Supplying a mailing address in your cards instantly adds stability and credibility to you and your organization.
  • Support Details. This might be a tagline, call to action, sales pitch, or a list of solutions.

Your Website
If you’re in business, you definitely need to have a site. Not having a website could be driving your prospects into your competition’s door! Does a professional, easy to browse website offer you an internet presence, it provides credibility and immediately makes your company feel more established. Additionally, it is a fantastic tool for advertising your business, educating your prospects and customers, and automating repetitive tasks.

The layout (the look and feel) should blend cohesively into your own brand, strengthening your message and encouraging your brand positioning. The website should be simple to use, allowing visitors to quickly find the info they need. The site should include basic search engine optimization, such as name tags, description and keyword meta tags, HTML heading tags and ALT tags.

Your Marketing Piece
To further build your brand and connect with your clients and prospects, you’ll also need some type of follow up thing. This might be a booklet, a rack card, a postcard, a note card, or an HTML email. The particular type of thing will be different for every organization. You may use an HTML email newsletter template to maintain your target market upgraded on your organization, or your may use a note card to write a fast personal follow up note after a networking event. Here are some quick tips on choosing and creating your follow up things:

  • Examine the ways that you are in contact with your target market and which sort of follow up are the most suitable and the most favored in every case. Would a postcard be appropriate or perhaps a thank you note, or perhaps an HTML email?
  • Inspect the amount of time you have available for follow up. Have you got enough time to handwrite or personalize every follow up message? Or could it be better for you to create a printed item that may be used over and over?
  • Assess what portion of the follow up procedure can be assigned to an employee or virtual assistant. Will you make all the telephone calls yourself, but outsource the mailing of postcards? Or, if your target market favours email communications, are you going to use auto responders and program out a string of messages?

Ensure any advertising materials you match your brand and always communicate your message and reinforce your identity. Together, these few advertising tips can help you with your business card, your site, and your follow up thing are a combination your company cannot live without.