The Power of Handwritten Notes and Letters

good old fashioned handwritten notesBelieve it or not, I actually got very excited when I received handwritten, postage-stamped envelope in the mailbox when I got home one night last Christmas.

In part it read ”Dear Jess, thanks for your generous donation at our fundraiser the other day. It means so much and it really helps more than I could ever express. Thanks again”!

I attended a small fundraiser just before Christmas last year and reading that, made my heart melt, as it seemed to be a very genuine thank you letter. When was the last time you actually received one of those? Its been a long time since I have I can tell you that.

It seems that in our modern fast paced life, we have forgotten the small things that makes being in business great. Its all about social, Facebook this and Twitter and writing content for websites. There just does not seem to be many people left who engage in the old-fashioned common courtesy thank you note. Remember when you used to receive post cards or Christmas cards in the mail. It made you feel like someone actually took the time to think of you and make you feel like you were someone. These days I get more digital content in the form of e-cards and emails for the same thing and it’s mostly a cut and paste job with the names and details changed…well, most of the time.

Taking the time to send a prospect, client or business partner a small handwritten note every now and then I think, it shows respect and it’s a form of manners.

The money that I donated wasn’t a huge sum by any means and I will probably donate money again next year. I will doubly make sure that I do due to that personalised handwritten note.

It may be old fashioned but yet, it is so clever in some ways.

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